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How does a flexible LED display work?

 - How does a flexible LED display work?

Flexible displays are flexible displays made from flexible materials that can be bent and deformed. Often used to make LED displays of various shapes, it has a large bending range.

 - How does a flexible LED display work?

Flexible LED displays have several advantages


Due to the lack of steel support, the flexible LED display screen is lighter and thinner than traditional LED screens.

Installs easily

Compared to conventional display screens, the portable control box can be spliced at will without orientation restrictions, saving 90% of installation costs.

The picture quality is excellent

Display screens using high-power SMD5050 lamps provide high brightness and high-definition picture display, achieving the same viewing effect as traditional screens.

Performance in terms of waterproofing

Its ultra-high waterproof grade is IP68, and the screen body can be fully submerged in water, making it suitable for outdoor use.

3D LED screen compatible

In order to present the naked 3D visual effect, the LED screen needs to be bent into an arc (90 degrees), which is exactly what the flexible LED display screen can do.
Based on the above introduction, it can be concluded that flexible LED display screens are an innovative way to promote your business. You can also customize the size, shape, and pixel spacing of the flexible LED display screen to meet the needs of your customers.

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