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LED display ads are the most popular choice for brands

 - LED display ads are the most popular choice for brands

There are often colorful LED signs flashing everywhere in a building or business center. As well, color LED displays convey valuable market information to customers by showing sales of similar products outside buildings or public places (such as markets, restaurants, shopping areas). Discover the outdoor LED display in 5 minutes! Outdoor LED displays are widely used because they attract people’s attention even if they are far away. Many enterprises have experienced impulsive sales because of it.

How effective is LED display screen advertising?

1.Create a unique space in the heart of the business district

Outdoor LED screens are commonly found in the city’s business district and other areas with high traffic. As society develops and people’s living standards improve, these bustling business districts and functional places have become the main activity venues of the mainstream population. Due to its scarcity, core, and other characteristics, outdoor LED large screen media has great marketing value.

2.Sense of identity that is real, timely, and strong

By using live broadcast technology, outdoor LED advertising media can reach a wider audience quickly and in real time. Through satellite signals, a TV station or live activity can be broadcast synchronously on a large screen. As a result, the user has a stronger sense of identity and a more positive impression of the brand’s products, which will lead to behavioral intentions and influence consumer purchases.

3.The ability to communicate effectively and in a more flexible manner

Outdoor LED advertising communicates by influencing the audience’s vision. Generally, the larger the screen and the greater the number, the better the effect. Wide-screen vision cannot be met by traditional rectangular LED screens. In order to meet the visual needs of users in the entire central business circle, the screen needs to grow as well. There is a strong flow of people in various shopping malls, and communication has become more flexible.

4.It is possible to control both time and place

As opposed to the advertisement mode of online platforms, LED can be refined into a large LED screen placed in a designated business district. If the site is surveyed in advance, a more suitable advertising mode can be created based on the users’ shopping habits and living needs.

5.Establish a high-quality brand image and demonstrate the brand’s “high-end” value

Research shows that 75% of the audience accepts outdoor large-screen media, and 55% of the audience pays attention to LED large-screen advertising. You can easily win customers if you choose the right LED display! According to Nixon’s research, LED large-screen advertising’s “eye-catching” and “high-end fashion” degrees were at 69.3% and 64%, respectively. Based on the data, LED screen advertising is more striking, high quality, high-end fashion, large area, eye-catching, and has other advantages over canvas advertising and light box advertising in the eyes of the audience. The brand and product advertising on it have an “expensive” image value and improves the audience’s acceptance of the brand.

Advertising is the most important factor in increasing the popularity of an enterprise or product. You can easily win customers if you choose the right led display. Using LED display advertising can help suppliers improve their customer relationships, as well as attract public attention. Especially for announcements, news, events, promotions, special issues, or other types of public information, visual communication advertising can also be an effective form of visual communication advertising. Information can be displayed in real-time on electronic displays in government agencies, schools, churches, and fire stations.

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