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LED display installation methods

 - LED display installation methods

Before you decide to buy led screens, you need to know how you gonna install the led screen in your store/shop/company/school/restaurant etc. Here are some ways you can install your billboard, LED sign, stage display, or video wall, it depends on how you want the audience to see them.

1.Mounted on the wall

 - LED display installation methods

Install this wall mounted installation in a store, school, gas station, restaurant reception area, etc.

Screen size is not too big, let’s say less than 100sqm, and audience distance is not too far, let’s say less than 1000m.

In the event the led screen needs maintenance, it should be accessible from the front, or there’s a structure we can use to push the screen to the front so that people can access it from the back.

The product can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

It is also possible to embed screens into the wall, which will result in a clean wall in the same surface.

 - LED display installation methods

2. Monopole/Totem/Multipole

 - LED display installation methods
A unipole/totem/multipole is suitable for outdoor applications such as plazas, roadside signs, stadiums, etc.
There should not be too much space on the Unipole/Totem screen, let’s say no more than 100 square meters, and the audience shouldn’t be too far, no more than 1000 metres. If it’s more than that, it’s probably necessary to have more poles to hold the screen.
 - LED display installation methods
For maintenance of the led screen, there is a ladder on the pole, and engineers can access the backside through the door.


 - LED display installation methods
This hanging installation is perfect for street displays in shops, coffee bars, gas stations, etc.
The screen is not too large, let’s say less than 100 square meters. The audience is not too far, let’s say less than 1000 meters away.
There is a hanging system on top, so you can take the screen down for maintenance if necessary.
It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

4.The Standee

 - LED display installation methods
Standee installation is suitable for advertising companies, stadiums, hotels, etc.
Viewing distance should be more than 1000m, up to 10KM, depending on the building’s load-bearing capacity.
You can lean the screen some degrees towards the main audience, to get the best viewing angle.
It can only be used outdoors.

For some applications, such as stadiums, stages, streets, and enterprises, displays can also stand on the floor.

It has a shorter viewing distance, but is easier to install and maintain.

The majority of applications are indoors.

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