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Working stability of LED transparent screens in South Africa: three solutions

 - Working stability of LED transparent screens in South Africa: three solutions

We live in an era of individuality in today’s society. LED screens are no exception to private customization. Due to the single display function of traditional high-definition LED displays, aesthetic fatigue is inevitable. The use of transparent LED displays for broadcasting commercial advertisements and leasing activities is widespread in many fields. To maintain a stable working state, we need LED transparent screens, so how can we accomplish this?

Our next step will be to introduce three solutions for the working stability of LED transparent screens.

1.Selection of materials

LED lamps, drive ICs, power supplies, power signal connectors, and excellent structural design are the key materials that determine the stability of LED transparent screens in South Africa. As a rule, our requirements for material selection are: international famous brands, relevant tests beyond industry standards, and requirements for various protection functions. For example, switching power supplies must have overheating protection, AC input support for wide voltage, and surge protection. Overvoltage and overcurrent protection shall be provided for DC output. Its structural design ensures not only good heat dissipation and fast splicing, but also aesthetic beauty and fashion.

2.Scheme for controlling the system

There is a hot backup function on each link of the system control, including the grid screen video sending and receiving equipment, the signal transmission cable, etc. In the event that an unexpected condition occurs in a particular link of the system, it can automatically diagnose and switch to the standby equipment at a very fast speed. Display effect on the site will not be affected by the switching process. It is necessary for the LED display screen in South Africa to be mobile spliced in the live broadcast to meet the needs of the stage scene. Due to negligence or other reasons, the signal input line of a display screen in the middle of the large screen might become loose, resulting in no signal to all of the displays in the conventional control scheme. The hot backup scheme will be activated when the signal line is loose, and the display screen will still work normally without any impact on the live broadcast.

 - Working stability of LED transparent screens in South Africa: three solutions

3.South Africa LED transparent screen working state monitoring

Computer-based real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, cooling fan status, etc. The system can automatically adjust and handle various conditions, as well as provide position and alarm information for abnormal conditions. The power supply inside a box will be subject to over-temperature protection at any time if its internal temperature is relatively high due to the environment or other factors. The system will reduce the internal temperature of the transparent LED glass screen if the working state of the display screen is monitored under these conditions. The system will give an alarm when the intelligent adjustment fails to reduce the temperature to the set target, and provide the abnormal box position to notify the staff. Maintain the display screen in a normal working condition.

According to market demand, LED screens are diversifying and becoming more customized. The private customized transparent high-definition LED display is more expensive, but enterprises gain greater profits. The seamless splicing of two LED high-definition displays will be explained in this article. However, LED display manufacturers must also improve their technology, product stability, innovation, and product performance. Because these high requirements are not the strength of every company, they can reflect the high value of private customization.

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