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What is a Floor LED Display?

Specifically designed for floor displays, a floor LED display is a customized LED screen. LED floor displays differ from traditional LED displays in terms of load-bearing, protection, and heat dissipation. Consequently, the floor tile screen can adapt to high-intensity stepping and maintain its stability over time.

LED display developers combine display technology and sensing technology to create interactive LED floor tiles. Interactive led floor screens use pressure sensors, capacitive sensors, infrared sensors, and other equipment.

Floor LED Display

Brand owners or sellers can use interactive floor displays to interact with customers. With its unique competitive advantages, Uniview’s I series interactive LED dance floor stands out from similar products.

With the development of the entertainment industry and theatrical performances, floor LED displays are becoming more and more popular. This is also inextricably linked to the maturity of LED technology. Various large-scale stage performances are increasingly using interactive LED floor tile screens.

The induction principle of the interactive Floor LED display

LED floor tile screens can be used for stage performances, exhibitions, and other events. People’s demand for LED displays has refined due to the expansion of the LED display market.

Depending on the content of the performance, it can broadcast live, replay highlights and slow motion, show close-ups, and create different background environments. A powerful, modern scene is created by combining realistic graphics and powerful music. People feel immersed in it.

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