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Best Solutions for Your LED Display Projects

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Solutions Manufacturer

Providing one-stop solutions for LED displays

D-King LED is a leading manufacturer of custom LED displays in China with extensive experience in custom led display solutions and applications. We offer constructive advice and solutions for your custom LED display needs from consultation to design and manufacturing.

D-King has been involved in the LED solutions manufacturing since 2003. Therefore, D-King understands clearly the dynamics of the LED display solutions market.

D-King can circumvent any Unique LED Display Design that you may have in mind. We have been exposed to unique challenges around the world during our many years of experience.

custom-led-display - Custom LED Display Solutions For Any Size And Shape - D-King

Any Shape As Your Needed

We know many architectural projects or applications are designed in a uniquely shape. These creative shapes provide audience members with a sense of immersion through sharp curves or unique angles. As a custom led display manufacturer, D-King has more experience and capabilities than other companies. LED displays are available in different shapes, including cubes, triangles, hexagons, pentagons, and any other irregular shapes.

Innovative LED display solutions and services

D-King’s modular LED screens are offered in a wide range of sizes and types, allowing us to create a unique led solution that is both cost-effective and completely brings your concepts or ideas to life. We are your first choice if you need creative led displays for your project.

custom Creative LED Solutions - Custom LED Display Solutions For Any Size And Shape - D-King

Why Choose D-King Custom LED Display Designs?

Our custom LED displays come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Its unique design will leave everyone in awe. When you choose D-King, you’re guaranteed to get a custom LED design that meets your needs and desires.

Custom Design

Many custom designs can be built with LEDs. It can be a butterfly, a trapezium, an animal, a tree etc. It is simply any other unique design you may think of. Jasionlight custom LED experts can make your company’s logo from the LEDs to make your office look special.

Size And Shape

Custom LED displays allow you to come up with LED display solutions of any shape and size. The size of your custom LED display can be customized to meet your needs. With D-King, you can have any shape you want.

Fancy Displays

With custom LED designs, ghost halls can be transformed into fancy and modern rooms. You can design a building to match your design with your designer. You can, for example, make an LED cross for your church. Custom LED displays allow you to make all your fancy designs.

Beautiful Designs

LED displays can transform an ordinary LED design into one that is unique and beautiful with custom LED displays. LED displays are made to the specifications of the client. By using D-King custom displays, you can create a beautiful design based on your creativity.

Grabbing Attention

Even though normal can be boring, the beautiful, unique custom LED display will catch everyone’s attention. As a result, it is attractive and unique from any other custom LED display. For your space, the D-King LED display team can come up with highly retentive designs. All of them are affordable and have a long lifespan.

Easy Installation

You can easily install the D-King custom LED displays in your environment. Each LED display is designed with all stages in mind. From the power consumption, to the display, installation, and maintenance and repair. During installation, D-King must ensure that your design meets all of your unique requirements.

Various sizes and shapes are available for custom designs.

To Make Your Business Attract More Customers

It has become normal to use custom LED displays, and they are no longer something to attract just anyone. Due to this, D-King puts their creativity to work and helps clients choose what they want and have it designed. Here are a few of the most popular LED displays from D-King around the world.

360 led display - Custom LED Display Solutions For Any Size And Shape - D-King

360 LED Screen

360 LED Screens are custom-curved LED displays that are combined to give a 360° view. The 360 LED Screen is a unique way to capture the attention of visitors. Malls can use 360 LED screens hung in the middle or at the center of the floor.

Sphere LED Display - Custom LED Display Solutions For Any Size And Shape - D-King

Sphere LED Display

LED sphere displays, also known as full-colour LED balls, are creative ways to display content using LEDs. Due to its unique custom shape, the Sphere LED Display can be used both indoors and outdoors.

round led display - Custom LED Display Solutions For Any Size And Shape - D-King

Round LED Display

Round LED Displays can be used for commercial applications and are eye-catching. The size and shape of round LED displays can be chosen according to the needs of the customer.

Creative LED Display - Custom LED Display Solutions For Any Size And Shape - D-King

Creative LED Display

Create a unique display light and music by incorporating a creative LED Display with music and lighting. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Creative LED Displays. In order to create an LED Display that is unique and creative, the shape, pixel pitch, effects, etc. can be customized.

Foldable LED Display - Custom LED Display Solutions For Any Size And Shape - D-King

Foldable LED Display

Using Foldable LED Displays, you can create attractive LED installations. You can save huge costs associated with warehousing and transportation by using a foldable LED display. Moreover, they can be installed at 360 degrees making them suitable for any type of installation, even on pillars. The advantages of a Foldable LED Display are numerous when it comes to Custom LED Displays.

Flexible LED Display - Custom LED Display Solutions For Any Size And Shape - D-King

Flexible LED Display

Flexible LED Display Screens are different from conventional LED Displays because they have a unique look and feel. Rubber is used in the construction of Flexible LED Displays. Its flexibility makes it highly resistant to distortion even under extreme compression, making it the ideal material for challenging environments.

Curved LED Display - Custom LED Display Solutions For Any Size And Shape - D-King

Curved LED Display

Curved LED displays are used to create curved bends in corners. Combining curved LED displays with standard LED displays can create a uniform flow of content. Depending on the degree of the curve, the curved LED display can be customized.

Cylinder LED Display - Custom LED Display Solutions For Any Size And Shape - D-King

Cylinder LED Display

Cylinder LED Displays are superior LED displays that are designed to look like cylinders. By providing a focal point, a Cylinder LED Display adds value to your entire building. Various products can benefit from cylinder LED displays as marketing tools.

LED Dynamic Display Cube - Custom LED Display Solutions For Any Size And Shape - D-King

LED Dynamic Display Cube

Using an LED Dynamic Display Cube, you can transform your space into anything you want. LED Dynamic Display Cube comes with attractive and interesting lighting that makes the whole place look beautiful. You can reflect the harmonious and visual culture of your company with custom-designed LED Dynamic Display Cubes.

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