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What is a LED Poster Display

Indoors and outdoors, including in retail stores and shopping malls, it displays captivating videos and images. Events, exhibitions, etc. Indoor LED posters are also called mirror LED screens or mirror LED posters.

You can use it as a standalone smart LED poster or connect ten of them together to create a giant LED video wall to display your stunning content. Displays with LED posters can be freestanding, wall-mounted, hanging, or even customized by splicing them together.

Light Weight & Ultra-thin Frame

Posters made from LEDs are seamless, lightweight, portable, and easy to use. You can present any content in a variety of formats with just a few clicks. These features make them ideal for advertising, reducing maintenance costs.

Modern and dynamic LED poster displays will benefit your advertising campaigns. NSE’s LED poster solutions will make your advertising stand out.

It is eye-catching to advertise on LED Poster Displays, and they are widely used in stores, shopping malls, halls, and bus stops. Updates can be performed via the network or via USB; ceiling mounting, floor standing, or wall mounting options are available.

LED surfaces are sealed with glue to prevent dust, water, and attack. Multidigital posters LED can be mounted in many different ways to play synchronized videos. No additional equipment is required for splicing large LED displays.

As well as HDMI, RJ45, USB, and other interfaces, the system supports signal transmission. In three minutes, one person can perform seamless splicing.

In addition to floor-standing LED poster screens, wall-mounted LED poster screens, hanging LED poster screens, and double-sided LED poster screens, LED poster screens can be installed in various ways.

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