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Fixed Simple Cabinet Series

The Main Role of LED Display Cabinet

Fixed function: In order to facilitate the connection of the entire display, the display board, the power supply, and other components should be fixed inside the cabinet, or the display could be supported by an external steel or fixed frame.

The electronic components inside can be protected from the interference of the external environment, providing a good protective effect.

Classifications of LED Display Cabinets

General LED screen cabinet materials: Iron or steel; high-end LED screen cabinets made of die-cast aluminum alloys, stainless steels, carbon fibers, magnesium alloys, and nano-polymer materials.

The main classification of cabinets is based on waterproof performance, which is further divided into simple cabinets and waterproof cabinets, according to the use of the environment. In terms of installation site, maintenance, and display performance, there are three types of cabinets: front-turn cabinets, double-sided boxes, and arc cabinets.

The Instruction for Traditional Iron/Steel LED Cabinets

As we all know, the LED cabinet size should match the LED module size. For the LED display screen, an iron/steel cabinet was initially chosen. The biggest advantage of iron/steel cabinets is that they can be customized to fit any space.

With this display, you can enjoy an extraordinary visual experience with outstanding visual performance. Billboards, street furniture, spectaculars, stadiums, and other applications can be made with it.

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