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High-end 640*480mm Cabinet

Indoor 640X480mm Frontal Service led display screen

New Product 640×480mm Series LED Display for indoor fixed installations. Pixels are fine, the design is perfect,
Featuring front service for LED power supply, cards, and modules, ultra-lightweight Die Casting Aluminum Cabinet with LCD Status Display, 4:3 ratio cabinet with 640*480mm dimension, flatness, easy to install and disassemble.

Full Front Maintenance

Frontal LED display. In only five seconds, the magnet LED modules can be removed with tools on the front side. This is a convenient and easy way to save you time and money.

4:3 Ratio Cabinet Design

640*480mm Series indoor fixed installation LED display is designed with 5:4 golden ratio, cabinet size is 640*480mm. Specially designed to fit a wide range of 4:3 and 16:9 LED large screens.

Features of High Resolution LED Video Wall Display

1, LED lights of high quality: SMD1010/1515 LEDs for P1.25RGB LED modules.

2,High definition: LED Module with special IC to achieve 3840 refresh rate and vivid video effect Light weight aluminum cabinet.

3,front maintenance design: All cable are inside the cabinet, it’s 100% front maintenance cabinet design.

Easy setup and program

Energy-saving: LED Display get low energy cost and high efficiency

Your kitchen cabinets will set the tone for the rest of your kitchen, so it’s important to work hard to find the perfect cabinets for your home. Some recognized hallmarks of high-end kitchen cabinets will help you when shopping for such cabinets.

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