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HD Full Color Taxi Top LED Display

Taxi top led display, also called taxi roof led display or taxi top led sign, is a a new type of electronic media platform that display advertising with elegant and attractive appearance. Taxi top led display is mainly installed on cars, taxis, buses and other vehicles as a terminal carrier.

Different from traditional LED display, our taxi roof LED display features low energy consumption, waterproof Protection, easy Installation and Maintenance that can be totally for the long-term usage.

Waterproof Protection

Ingress protection rating up to 56, our taxi roof LED display is totally weatherproof and shockproof.featuring electrostatic prevention and lighting protection to make it more durable for the long-term usage.

A taxi top LED display is a brand new form of DOOH advertising. With Android system card, 4G, WIFI, and GPS module, it enables remote advertising function on phone or PC.

Due to its lightweight and slim design, it can be mounted on taxis, buses, and other vehicles. With an IP65 rating and a transparent PC cover to protect diodes, Yaham taxi top advertising screen is totally weatherproof and shockproof.

Heat generated inside can be conducted through the power module embedded under the aluminum alloy. To ensure long-term durability, Yaham taxi LED displays also feature electrostatic prevention and lighting protection.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Our taxi top-mounted LED display combines a modular design with different parts, so we can install it easily and perform maintenance quickly. You can also easily insert and remove the SIM card to change the control method.

For the installation of displays, our roof LED display devices can be easily installed on different roofs by using roof racks. All installation & replacement could be done via screwdriver; no need professional device.

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