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Outdoor rental displays

Excellent Design

Rental LED display adopts a super slim and lightweight panel frame design, LED cabinet connection by a fast and reliable lock system enables quick installation and dismantling.

The ergonomic handle made installation easier for one person. Due to its special design, rental LED displays can be used for stage rentals, concerts, exhibitions, weddings, etc.

High Brightness and High Definition of Outdoor Rental Led Screen

Despite direct sunlight, outdoor led video walls can achieve 5500CD/m2 high brightness, vivid video & picture quality. For outdoor rentals, the smart setting ensures a high contrast ratio, refresh rate, and gray scale.

An outdoor LED display rental with good flatness and seamless splicing
We can provide outdoor stage led screens for rent with good flatness and seamless splicing. Due to the high precision die-casting aluminum cabinet we use. For outdoor rental led video walls, it can provide perfect visual performance.

In direct sunlight, it was also able to achieve a high contrast ratio with black SMD LEDs from a Chinese manufacturer of outdoor LED displays.

An outdoor LED stage screen rental is perfect for stage backdrops and events. With D-KING LED’s unique cabinet design, outdoor LED screens can be installed quickly and easily.

We offer good flatness and seamless splicing outdoor stage LED screens for rent at D-KING LED.

Outdoor LED screen with high contrast ratio and refresh rate

The D-KING LED outdoor stage led rental screen has a contrast ratio of 5000:1 when using black SMD LEDs. A high refresh rate driving IC enables outdoor rental led video walls to operate at 1920Hz/3840Hz. For excellent greyscale results, use a 16-bit greyscale processing technology.

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