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Small Pitch Series

What Is Small Pitch LED Display?

Indoor led displays with small pitch have pixels that are spaced below P2.5, such as P2.5, P2.0, P1.8, P1.667, P1.56, and P1.25. As led display manufacturing technology has evolved, the resolution of traditional led displays has increased dramatically.

With a small pixel pitch and a high resolution per unit area, the small pitch led screen can display higher resolution graphic images and videos, as well as display more HD video and image images, especially when seamless image splicing or large area splicing is used.

This small pitch LED display system includes the LED display, the HD display control system, and the heat dissipation system.

A small pitch LED display uses pixel-level point control technology to control brightness, color reversibility, and uniformity. There is no need for manual post-soldering on all displays since they are manufactured using automatic reflow soldering.

A small pitch LED display screen is suitable for high-end commercial indoor displays such as retail displays and creative displays. A small pixel pitch makes the ultra thin LED screen ultra thin, light, and easy to assemble.

LED Screens with a Small Pitch Compared to Traditional Screens

1,Spacing Problem
DLP and PDP both have splicing problems; projection fusion can handle the splicing area when handled properly; narrow pixel pitch has no splicing at all.

2,Display Effect
DLP rear projection and projection and fusion technology have the worst display effects in terms of grayscale, contrast, brightness, refresh rate, and other indicators (determined by projection physical properties).

LCD displays are better, but after a long time, the brightness decays and the dark edge and black corner, as well as the screen and screen will appear between brightness and color variations, which are noticeable to the human eye.

Grayscale, contrast, refresh rate and other indicators of LED backlight display technology are very good, but also can easily correct the problem of light decay.

The small pitch LED displays are ideal for high-end commercial indoor displays, such as retail displays and creative displays. The ultra thin led screen has a small pixel pitch, is light, thin, and easy to assemble.

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