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Where Can You Use LED Displays for Sports Stadium

Perimeter LED Display:Linsn perimeter LED displays usually have a driver IC with a 3840Hz refresh rate, ensuring smooth playback of images without any flickering, especially. This feature is particularly important for live video programming during sporting events.

Our 0-90° adjustable back brackets can support it adjust to different angles and reach more audiences.The rubber mask and cushion can protect people, and the high visual performance enables the contents can be shown clearly.

LED Scoreboard

LED scoreboard can integrate audio systems, presentation systems, emergency broadcast systems, etc.

It can show audiences real-time scores and live feeds and be used as digital advertising billboards.

Compared with past fixed scoreboards only a part of the scoreboard can be controlled digitally, now the LED scoreboards are more multi-functional, and have better performances in advertising and displaying information!

What to consider when choosing stadium-led screens?

Energy efficiency and brightness contrast:When you’re considering a stadium-led screen, it’s important to consider the energy efficiency and brightness contrast.

The entire purpose of these boards is so that people can see what’s happening – and if they can’t, then there isn’t really much point!

display with good coverage across all spectrums of light, such as warm lights, and one with an optimal level of brightness contrast because this will ensure everything is clear on-screen without being overly distracting.

Installation choice

If you’re going to invest in a stadium-led screen, it must be installed correctly so that all spectators can see the display properly. These displays range from eight feet wide up to 160 inches, and four different installation choices will depend on your venue size.

For larger venues with more room available, there may be an option of installing them as floor or ceiling mounted screens which allow for higher resolutions because it’s set at eye level instead of below ground level!

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