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What Is Pole LED Display?

LED pole displays are typically installed on both sides of highways and streets. Real-time broadcasting, road guidance, road condition broadcasting, information release, advertising promotion, and so on are some of the functions it can perform.

Basically, it allows you to use modern LED displays to replace traditional printed advertising banners, monitor the street, as well as perform other additional functions!

h2LED lamp pole displays are used

High-brightness LEDs are suitable for outdoor use. A number of materials are capable of enduring harsh weather and environmental conditions, such as high humidity or high temperatures, without losing their anti-dust and waterproof properties.

Designed for outdoor installation, these products feature slim die-cast aluminum housing for energy-efficient performance in seamless buildings. Advertising content can be played back in screen ratios of 4:3, 8:9, and 16:9.

Features of Pole LED Display

1,Remote control supported, allow 4G/WIFI/LAN to manage the screen.

2, Multi-functional system: this system offers features like real-time monitoring, automatic brightness adjustment, GPS positioning, etc.

3,Excellent heat dissipation to ensure the screen can work even in extreme conditions.

4,High-definition LED display with adjustable brightness level and high contrast ratio. Suitable for outdoor LED displays.

Quick installation

Within 30 seconds, you can install the pole led screen, and the stainless steel hoop prevents rust and weather damage.

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